The innovative 3D structure BREATHAIR® is highly water repellent and exceptionally air-permeable. Its additional elasticity, durability and property of being lighter than polyurethane at the same level of hardness give it wide applicability in numerous new fields. All due to its 3D spring structure of continuous filament with rubber elasticity.

Excellent hygiene properties

BREATHAIR® is a continuous filament loop structure that effortlessly meets the high SEK Standards issued by the Japan Textile Evaluation Technology Council (JTETC) regarding antimicrobial and deodorant functions:

  • Mold prevention due to high breathability
  • Reduced bacterial growth
  • Mites cannot propagate well
  • Easy to wash and dries quickly, since it is highly water repellent
  • Suitable for ozone sterilization
  • Easy to handle and maintain due to its light weight

Ideal material properties thanks to PELPRENE®

PELPRENE® is a special polyester-based thermoplastic elastomer, which has features of both rubber and engineering plastics. That makes it exceptionally durable. Its wide range of hardness levels makes PELPRENE® suitable for customer specific solutions.

  • Long lasting compression recovery for superb cushioning
  • Little sagging thanks to high bulk retention
  • Prevents bedsores due to its good body pressure distribution
  • Environmentally friendly, since it is recyclable and suitable for suitable for recycling to Bunker A fuel oil

Versatile from thick to thin

BREATHAIR® can be designed according to performance requirements by adjusting thickness and density:

Density: 30 to 200 kg/m³ Width: 80 to 140 cm Thickness: 15 to 100 mm Length: 60 to 230 cm

From a slim, flexible protective layer to a thick cushioning, BREATHAIR® is the innovative material suited for multiple purposes.

Compression Characteristics

BREATHAIR® has low hysteresis loss and high rebound properties for a cushion material. When used in mattresses or in cushions, these properties make it easy to turn over with comfort.

The sample material was compressed by a 200 mm-diameter disk and subjected to a preliminary compression rate of 75%, after which the compressive hardness of the sample was measured.

Source: Toyobo

One material – all possibilities

BREATHAIR® has got the solution for all of these applications:

Vertical seating



Caution Regarding Use

  • Prior to using the products listed here, please review thoroughly and confirm their suitability for your planned purpose of use, processing conditions, etc.
  • Please contact our customer service for more detailed information on working with the material.
  • Please store out of direct sunlight and away from exhaust gas.