IVL Corporate Sustainability Strategy

Our sustainability strategy demonstrates our commitment to the three most important areas for the company, Planet, People and Prosperity, which achieve our vision to be a world-class sustainable company making great products for society. We embrace our stakeholders’ interests and social needs in driving towards a sustainable and resilient economy and encourage collaborative efforts in contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

People - Empowerment Culture

Our respect for human rights, engagement, investments in capacity building, and creating shared value for our stakeholders demonstrates our commitment to achieving long-term success.

Planet - Responsible Operation

Our operations and products are focused on being environmentally-friendly, contributing to the circular economy, and reducing resource consumption and emissions to fight climate change.

Prosperity - Business Potential

Our business is based on our integrity and ethical principles, driving customer experiences through our innovative products and moving forward in meeting societal needs for sustainable growth and leadership

Our goal is to ensure economic prosperity and sustainability to all our stakeholders. We measure our success not just by economic gains but by our achievements in preserving the environment, thereby benefiting the society. IVL continues to undertake initiatives that are in-line with our commitment to increase our focus on the long-term sustainability of the Company through recycling, lowering our carbon footprint, increasing use of renewable energy, and developing human capital.

The Four Pillars for Sustainability in Innovations

Indorama Mobility Group is committed to contributing towards IVL’s and customers’ sustainability goals and has embedded a strategy that put sustainable products and processes development at the forefront.

Sustainable Products

Indorama Mobility Group continually develops product solutions based on strategic pillars to help reach Company’s and customers’ sustainability goals

Recycling – Circular Economy

R-PET polyester yarn

  • Based on bottle or wasted yarn as source of r-PET chip
  • Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certification


  • Breathair® is the new sustainable fiber materials for enduring comfort
  • Due to its complex 3-dimensional fiber structure, it is highly elastic and breathable - perfect for padding in furniture, automobiles, apparel or packaging. It can also be recycled easily

Renewable Raw Materials


  • Rayon tire cord based on renewable cellulose which is a high tenacity biopolymer responsible for mechanical stability in any plant
  • Continued investment in new machinery and technologies to reduce energy and water consumption

Enka® Nylon BIO

  • Enka® Nylon BIO is the sustainable drop-in solution for fossil-based polyamide 6.6 yarns
  • The bio-based and CO2, neutral yarn polymer provides same melting temperature at reduced moisture pick-up compared to polyamide 6.6

Reducing Eco-Impacts and Substances of Interest


  • DIPTEC - Resourcinol Formaldehyde free dipping technology without compromising performance
  • Compliance with REACH regulation

Enka® TecTape Hybrid Roving

  • Enka® TecTape Hybrid Roving is the material for direct transformation form textile to fiber reinforced composite
  • Designed for waste-free and automated processing of load path oriented composite structures

Life Cycle Impact Reduction


  • ECOTEC - HT high tenacity polyester tire cord for carcass weight reduction. HD high linear density tire cord for carcass ply reduction
  • Reduced rolling resistance for higher fuel economy

Bio-based PET for tire

  • Polyester tire cord based on bio-based raw materials
  • Contribute to customer's product sustainability content

Sustainability at Indorama Ventures

We believe in creating a culture where the workplace is a home away from home. Where together, we dream, aspire, create and celebrate a better everyday life for ourselves, our customers and society.

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