We are a global innovative group with
customized solutions and new product developments

We develop answers to your specific needs

We are committed to innovation and new technologies to enhance the existing polymer limits, extending their usage to new and more demanding applications, and to develop new materials for sustainable solutions

Supported by a global network of universities and research institutes, our experienced R&D team is available to cooperate and develop innovative solutions based on specific requirements

Our Assets for Innovation

01 Global innovation capabilities with Regional centers to serve customer’s requirements locally

  • Field of expertise:
    • Tire Reinforcement
    • Automotive Safety – Airbags & Safety Belts
    • Functional Materials - Conveyor belts, MRG, technical fabrics, composites and 3D structures
    • Sustainability in product and processes
  • > 100 experts across the globe
  • 7 Centers of Expertise
Czech Republic
Kaiping (CS & GH)
Tulln an der Donau

02 Pilot units for spinning, twisting, weaving, and dipping

  • Development of polymers for multifilament fiber spinning
  • Development of fibers with advanced properties
  • Fiber conversion into textiles through advanced twisting and weaving technologies
  • Coating and dipping technologies lines to design high performing surface properties
  • Pilot lines for single-end-cord dipping

03 Process upscaling from the concept to production

  • Fiber Production
    • Polymerization
    • Spinning
    • 3D Fiber Structures - Breathair®
  • Yarn Processing
    • Side by Side
    • Twisting
    • Weaving
    • Dipping/Coating
  • Final product validation
    • Tire Cord Fabric (TCF) and Single End Cords (SEC)
    • Mechanical Rubber Goods (MRG) Fabrics
    • Airbag Yarns & Fabrics
    • Composites & Specialties

04 Laboratories for material analysis

  • Polymer characteristics
  • Whole cord production chain analysis (yarn/twisted and dipped)
  • Mechanical properties analysis
  • Specific testing for final product application: Tire Cords, Airbags and Functional Materials

05 Cooperation with Universities and Institutes

Cooperation with leading R&D centers worldwide to:

  • Complement our expertise in new areas
  • Develop new solutions through Open Innovation
  • Participation in development projects for new materials and applications

We can offer to you

High tenacity PET, PA and Rayon Yarns with advanced properties

  • Know-how in Polyester, Polyamide and Rayon polymers and fiber spinning
  • Polymer analytical skills
  • Development of yarns with advanced and differentiated properties

HMLS and Technical Yarns based on rPET and bio-based polymers

  • Recycled polyester (rPET) technical yarns
    • Link to IVL r-PET group
  • Bio-based technical yarns:
    • PET with bio-MEG
    • PA 4.10 with sebacic acid
    • PLA with lactic acid
    • Viscose with cellulose from plantation

Dip development

Development of advanced interfaces and dipping solutions for enhanced and sustainable cord-rubber compound interaction in demanding applications.

  • Options:
    • Resorcinol & Formaldehyde free (RF-free) dipping solutions.
    • Heat resistant dip for demanding vulcanization and operating conditions.
    • New adhesion systems based on functionalized latex.

Airbag Yarns and Fabrics

Development of tailored yarns and textile solutions for automotive airbag needs both for lab scale trials (prototype equipment) and full scale trials (serial spinning machines)

  • Weaving Technical Center – TTI Wuppertal for lab scale weaving trials
  • Modern in-house weaving technologies – air jet, water jet, rapier, One-piece woven Jacquard
  • State-of-the-art finishing, coating & laminating equipment
  • Expertise available along the whole manufacturing chain for airbag production from polymer, yarn, warping, weaving, finishing, coating to laser cutting

Fibers and textile constructions for special applications

Hybrid cord constructions (Aramid/Polyamide/Polyester/Rayon) for UHP tire reinforcement.

  • Wide range of fiber constructions from 78 dtex to 19,800 dtex

Multi fiber offerings in single-end-cords (SEC), tire-cord fabrics (TCF), Mechanical-Rubber-Goods (MRG) fabrics. (Rayon, Aramid, PEN, HMLS, PA 6.6).

Fiber reinforcement composites

  • For continuous automated production
  • Ready to use
  • Recyclable
  • Including bio-degradable reinforcements based on high tenacity cellulose fibers.