Recyclable PET Life Cycle

IVL is committed to PET Recycling and driving the transition to a circular economy

  • Since 2011, with acquisition of Wellman International, IVL began recycling PET bottles into clear PET flakes for fiber, sheet & bottle applications, IVL with continual addition of PET bottle recycling capacity in Mexico, USA, Thailand, Brazil, Poland and others, as part of the commitment to a circular economy
  • Pioneers in the PET resin business to add recycled PET flake into virgin polymerization process – up to 30% recycled content
  • IVL pledged to invest US$1.5 billion towards achieving the goal of recycling 750,000 tons of post-consumer PET materials as feedback into its own polymer production per year by 2025
  • IVL joined the World Economic Forum’s Global Plastic Action Partnership (GPAP)


The PET resin produced by IVL is 100% recyclable. In 2019, we made a global commitment to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

750,000 tons

Of post-consumer PET materials as feedstock into our polyester production per year

50 billion bottles per year

1.5 Billion USD

IVL’s Recycling Facilities Worldwide Locations

Strategic Approach to r-PET

  • IVL is the biggest producer PET producer and also one of the biggest PET recycler
  • r-PET can decrease 4 times less CO2 per kg of fiber vs virgin PET (staple fiber)
  • IVL´s extensive know-how on r-PET process (chip quality, recycling strategies)
  • Focus on two major routes:


  • - Post-Industrial:
    • PHP Germany
    • Glanzstoff France
  • - Post-consumer:
    • Internal sources (different locations Wellman International, Nakhom Pathom Thailand)
    • External


  • - Industry partners

Integrated within its parent Indorama Ventures (IVL), the world’s largest PET producer with advanced recycling activities, the Mobility Group is equipped with the market foresight and technology support to accelerate the product development and deliver the highest quality r-PET for each application