Dear valued customer,

On Wednesday, September 8, there was a fire in the spinning department at our yarn spinning mill PHP Fibers in Obernburg. The building was completely evacuated and the plant fire brigade was able to limit the spreading of the fire and finally extinguished it. We are relieved to report that none of our employees was injured and that there was no danger to persons or an environmental hazard at any time.

Although the fire was limited to specific manufacturing areas, we had to stop the whole plant. Currently we are in the process of investigating the damage and gradually resuming production in the unaffected areas. At this time, we cannot foresee how long this process will take.

Therefore, we have to declare Force Majeure for the supply of all our PET and PA yarns from our plant in Obernburg. Your customer service representative will inform you about all further details on the delivery status.

Please be assured that we are striving to minimize the impact of this situation for you as much as possible and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this situation may cause to you.

Yours sincerely
PHP Fibers GmbH

Jochen Boos

Indorama Mobility Group

Volker Siejak

Managing Director
PHP Fibers GmbH

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