In the night to 6th of July 2021 an explosion and subsequent fire occurred at the biofuel producer Preol Inc., which is at Lovosice Industrial Chemistry Complex, where also Glanzstoff Bohemia s.r.o. ( An Indorama Ventures Company) is located.

The accident accrued at a rape oilseed separator, where hexane gas is used for processing. Firefighters cool the fire with water and working to clean up the consequences of the explosion.

Three people were injured, another person with heart problems was taken to the hospital, which is not directly connected with the accident.

Preol Inc. is a producer of rapeseed oil for all kind of applications and the largest producer of biofuels in the Czech Republic; they belong to the Agrofert group, a source of ČTK (Czech press office).

Company Glanzstoff - Bohemia s.r.o. Member of the INDORAMA Mobility Group, which is also located in the Industrial Chemistry Complex, was not affected by the accident and continues production without any restrictions.